May 20, 2010

Digital Bubble

Digital Bubble: Bringing you all things tech!

Digital Bubble (@ is a site that gives info on anything tech. Photoshop, Web design, web news, gaming reviews, software reviews, hardware solutions and so on. If you're looking to be up to date with tech info, this is the place to bookmark or subscribe to RSS!

I'm an author at the site, along with a whole bunch of very cool, very experienced people who know all sorts of things. We have Craig Snedeker from Snedeker Designs, DilKosher from Digikit and many other great writers from everywhere. So stop by and check it out, drop a comment :-D


  1. Got an email that you metioned my name, lol :D Digitalbubble is a cool site!

  2. Oh really? It does that? That's awesome!!