May 23, 2010

Learning After Effects

There's the stuff you can teach yourself... then there's the stuff you gotta learn from someone. That is why I praise the internet, nowadays you can learn pretty much anything with little cash or even better, absolutely free!! It's amazing.

I've been running through various sites looking for some basic tuts for Adobe After Effects, but it's been so difficult coming by a tutorial that didn't involve some complex work with expressions and plugins. I know about working with keyframes from the days I used Macromedia Flash (before Adobe took it over) and working with various filters from Photoshop and all sorts of other apps.
Now, I wanted to learn what made After Effects what it is. The unique things it did and behind-the-scenes stuff that were... well... basic. It's like coming in to Photoshop from Paint. You know how to draw and use the paint bucket and shapes, and you can basically learn about the gradient tool, filters and so on.

But what about the stuff you can't teach yourself. Like Vanishing Points? Liquify? Pen tool? RAW Importer? Photomerge?

I found a site dedicated to After Effects that's on the same network as my Photoshop tut and inspiration site: Photoshop Tuts Plus ( The After Effects site being
They had a link to 'BASIX' in the sidebar, but those things were far from basic.

Then I found Video Co-Pilot ( This really cool site is dedicated to After Effects and has tuts from super simple to really complex. Exactly what I was looking for. In fact, they have a 10-step basix programs that covers pretty much everything and anything I might need to know in order to successfully work through their tutorials :-D Awesomeness.

So, part 4 of 10, I'm hoping to complete this thing by tomorrow evening. :-D

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