May 24, 2010

Project 02: Light Saber

Yea yea, I know, it's a cliche! But before you can become a full pro you need to start off re-creating cliche's then come up with your own ideas. George Lucas' Star Wars is such a brilliant thing that I'd do anything to feel even a bit like a Jedi. :-P

Idea 002: Light Saber Fight Scene
Date Conceived: 24/05/10

I hunted some Light Saber effects. Initially I thought of using the BEAM effect from After Effects but it doesn't glow as well as a light saber, and the movement wouldn't look so cool. I mean, it'd be like a flat piece of light, I'd need the trailing.
I fell upon Video Copilot, and along with a plugin Andrew Kramer created came a video on how to use it. Yay! So, for concept one, I'll use a simple, short clip to see how well I can do it.
Here I go!

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