May 18, 2010

Project 01: Floating Windows

I just got back from watching Iron Man 2. Nice movie. Some boring fights but it was cool!

Most of all, I loved Tony Stark's computers and the way in his lab stuff is holographic and floats in front of him. I'm not looking to make something exactly the same, my skills are not that good, but I want to bring the whole "popping out of the screen" effect... how can I explain... like I drag a window out of the screen and it floats in front of me. This should be fun.

Idea 01: Floating Windows
Date: 18/05/10

So, it's set. No estimated date of completion, there are too many variables. I gotta get my hands on a camera first. I'll obviously be using After Effects for this, so I'll have to learn some sort of tracking for camera movement so my work isn't jumpy, and see how I can get stuff to look realistically 3 dimensional.
This should be fun!

But first, concepts and research. For step one, I'll mess around in Photoshop with some pictures and see what I can make to get the basic idea of what I'll be dealing with.


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