May 19, 2010

Writing Tutorials

It's fun making tutorials, I must admit. Though most of the time I find it difficult to create an image after every single step, especially when working with Hi-Res images, that's a lot of space on my hard-drive. No, I can't just resize them, coz that'd mean every time I go Image > Image Size > OK > Save As... > JPEG > Undo

My major issue comes in with the undo part, and when working with smaller images compared to larger ones... well the filters apply differently and everything becomes relative and pixel-y. Which is very irritating when my History states go way past the point where I can undo the resize.


Oh well, I got an interesting application by the name of Screen Recorder Gold, which is exactly that, a screen recorder. It lets me select a section of my screen and it is recorded into AVI format. Cool! So, i'm considering starting up video tutorials... hmm....

Thanks for stopping by.

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