Jun 16, 2010

Business Card

Eventually, you'll need a business card. Better to start early.

It seems lately I've been getting really serious with this design thing. Videos really got me psyched up especially after I helped MgO Productions direct that one music video for Speedy G. He actually has a business card (he did it undercover without telling anyone) and during the Worlds Collide event I was the photographer and I found myself in the situation where people are asking for ways to contact me and I have to take a pause from the photography to share my details, which sucks because I missed some good shots. Either way, it would've been much easier if I could just pull out a card and get back to my work.

So the design process begins. I'm not putting this down as a project because it's something quick and I already have a few designs in the works.
I've made one background wallpaper (1280x800) for my computer that's like an 'advert' (again!)

I'm thinking about going the MINIMAL method, still deciding...

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