Jun 1, 2010

Comments on Ideas to Creations


So I've decided not to include the Facebook account linking thing. If you hadn't read, I mentioned earlier that I was thinking about adding the "Comment-and-Like-with-your-facebook-account" thing.

I realized that even I feel uncomfortable commenting somewhere with my FB account. Who knows what the site you're about to post it on has access to, and it's not that I would steal your info but I'm also not sure of what Blogger/Blogspot may be able to do. Seeing as fb has been having security issues lately, I'd rather not.

So anyways, I'll leave it as an open comment thing so you can comment as you like with you email address/name then the comment.

Don't fret, your email address is in safe hands. It won't be distributed to any company, shown to anyone or anything that I wouldn't like happening to me either.

Thanx for reading!

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