Jun 28, 2010


I like reading books. They're really a great experience as compared to watching a movie. It's especially sad that movie adaptations of books are usually more like a summary of a book. I loved the Da Vinci Code, but according to my Dan Brown fan friends, the movie had taken out 2 other twisty-crack-password-scroll-inside thingies and that some scenes were modified to be more dramatic. I felt the same when I watched the first Harry Potter (when I was still loyal to the books). Though I noticed one thing is that there's no point in watching the movie of a book because you'll already know what's gonna happen, esp considering how expensive things have become these days.
Anyway, I was randomly surfing and I found some sites that let you read books online. Then I stumbled upon Google Books.
It's shocking the stuff Google offers but never really advertise or redirect you from anywhere. Google Books has various free to read books and magazines. I found lots of Popular Mechanics magazines, though the most recent is 2005. Let's see what else I can find...

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