Jun 2, 2010

Flash! Awesomeness!

What's up!

Yesterday I was messing around on Miniclip, the flash games site, and I couldn't help but appreciate the work people put into their projects and games. My fellow Feel the Void pal was asking me why people would spend hours to days to months working on stuff in Flash only to submit it for free... I obviously answered "Coz it gives you exposure", but I didn't understand that until a few minutes ago.

For example, characters like Egoraptor (the infamous Flash animator from Newgrounds) got jobs at Mtv and voicing games and what from his Awesome series on Newgrounds. It gave him exposure, showed his voice skills and purely awesome creativity and he got recognized for it, which is totally awesome.
You can read all about it on his page (http://www.egoraptor.net)


I appreciate the work people put into it. I was playing Robokill on Miniclip and was surprised by just how much work is put into it. Bullet ricochets, impact effects, sound effects, physics... exactly how is it that health bars for enemies work? I was told that formulas usually control stuff but does it mean that the Flash system is told that whenever he clicks, play an animation of a beam being shot, whenever that meets the NPC/enemy, take the health bar down by this number, when it reaches zero, play this explosion animation.
That doesn't sound like something simple. After seeing how HTML and JavaScript and PHP work to give us the Facebook look and so on, it's not so simple.

So those who put their time out to create this amazing works, I applaud your skills and creativity and patience! Brilliant.

You can see a whole lot of Flash stuff on these sites dedicated to Flash, FREE! Pay them a visit:
Newgrounds - Movies, Series and Games
Miniclip - Dedicated to Games
Mousebreaker - Games
Stick Games - Short Games
Crazy Monkey Games - Some really cool, complex games!

Maybe I should try it out...... hmm....

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