Jun 2, 2010

Google Yourself!!

I was reading an article in the newspaper a while back. Apparently nowadays when you apply for a job somewhere your future employer will run through your CV and then Google you!!


The things they would probably find on most people. There's those that haven't set up proper Facebook privacy settings will have their future employers looking at their profile, pictures and/or wall. So you can imagine what they would think when your CV is very professional, you are over-qualified for the job and then they find this on your wall:

or this:

Yea, needless to say, that job is not exactly going to you... actually, not at all. Considering a company with a good rep there's no way you'd land that one.
So anyways, I took it to myself to Google myself, and I must say the results were shocking. Aside from my Flickr and my Behance and my Twitter and Facebook, I got some results from other places. StumbleUpon, DigitalBubble.net... GASP!!
Even this page came up, since my name is at the bottom of each page. I got the stuff from random sites I joined just so I could download something (though those were among the last last sites mixed with Davud Alexander's stuff, whoever that is).

When people said the world has access to what you post on the net, you don't seem to realize that the WORLD has access to it. That random guy in Kuwait, that agent from US, the girl next door... your future employer... It's something to consider before we decide to post our whole lives on some blog, or at least do so without using our whole/real names. I know a few guys who've posted lots of potentially incriminating stuff but have used special email addresses and ensure not to post any links or anything of the sort that could reveal their true identities.

I think that's too much of a process. How about I just don't do it at all, and just talk about stuff that if anything would probably improve my chances of getting that job when I'm Googled!

(thinking about it, this post just might get me in trouble)

Anyways, thanx for reading.

Images from the very awesome Failbook.com Please check it out!!

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