Jun 4, 2010

Project 02: Light Saber

So I finally managed to upload the Light Saber video.

A good 2.5 hours of work on a 10-second video.
Taken with my W595's VGA, 14fps video camera, so the quality is rather low. I used some sawed-off golf sticks that I had used for the fight scene video with the intern! (coming soon)
I don't have any intentions of doing this again any time soon, it's extremely time consuming, though I do see a fight scene coming... eventually... well, enjoy!

Criticism will be greatly appreciated. Be brutal!!!


  1. Its awesome man!!!! how the fudge did u do dat man!!! war!!!! will done man bt jus 1 big problem!!!!! the actors!! u should have goten another guy, like u know that guy called stone yeeee he should have done it then it would have been sick!!! lol!!
    Nyways bruV enyewe im blown away!!!! i serious can't wait to c a fight scene man, though that will be hard huh!!!!! Seriously hola asapest wen u do the fight scene coz u guy it luks good man!!!!! ummmm use a 10megapixel that can chapa like 1000000000fps next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You guy! I'm going to invest in a proper HD Camera... ama i'll jack from one of my boys! I'll post it up right here, very soon! hehe thanx
    This was a experiment 2 see if I could pull it off, next one is gonna be hectic!!

  3. I think jack is a beta idea lol!!!! manze HD cams cost a bomb!!!! u can get a ps3 instead lol!!! lakini i think for you its worth it man!!!!!! kip up the good work!!!!! dis took 2hrs??? inbox me and let me know how k.q went man

  4. EEEEEEIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!boss come slowly!!kenyanz arnt ment to knw hw to dat yet,we are still tryna figure out th music video thing!!!hehe but for real maein good stuff 1c again u never seize to amaze me,dats sm fresh stuff!!next time tho th fight should be 10mins!!nd should have guest A-list stars such as me and stone then th clip will be a master piece!!dnt worry ill jus tafuta vijitiz nje of my digo nd patia u a clip of me chezain wit em nd so will stone..we can be th "Worriers from beyond" hehe ama niaje stone??

  5. hehe thanx Gero! Things are going to change around here! Btw me and Kip did a music video for some dude, we'll be making more.

    Watch this space, we've got 2 more videos coming and 2 more to be produced next week, plus one movie!!
    The more the merrier, when you get back we'll through you guys into one of our vidz 4 sho!!

  6. i'm impressed!!!
    you're doing this will such a low budget meanwhile kenyans are still misperforming on music videos???
    it's amazing!!!

    the criticism part, i know you didn't give it much thought buh ummm, wardrobe??? maybe try a different outfit next time? :)

  7. Yea, I totally intent to set the bar high to raise the standards of media in this country! Thanks so much!

    You know me and shorts... but I'll keep that in mind