Jun 12, 2010

Project 03: Fight Scene - Concept 1

So, here's the video for the first concept. Once again due to "budget cuts" this was taken with my phone, and also the fact that I couldn't sleep until I did this. So, at that, it's going to be dark, rather unclear and low frame-rate. I know, sucks, but when it's a concept it's allowed... at least I like to think so.

fighting myself concept 1 - davdalx - 2010 (c) all rights reserved
I found a few problems while making this:
1. Masking this one was relatively easy, so it's not that bad, though the shadows cast on the wardrobe makes things difficult for nothing. Feathering really helped so this shouldn't be a problem.

2. Timing is crucial. You can see in the last bit that I react to the stab a bit late, about a split-second but you can see it. I'm thinking of recording the steps as a sound-clip on my phone and play them back as I move around to keep me in sync, like I did for my "talking-to-myself" video for my friend.

I learned something new here: Phone videos aren't so bad. In fact, I think I'll be working with them for concepts. "Why the hell would you do that?" you ask... well, because of it's low frame-size of 352 x 288 px, rendering is super-quick, 14fps (which is half the usual) means it's quicker to finish the project and less frames to edit in a specific time. Though the quality is hard to work with, motion tracking is out of the question.

Oh and awesome point, I just realized that since I only have 2 sawed-off golf sticks, I can have one of the characters using both!!

So far so good!


  1. i know it's taken forever for me to check these out but that was pretty awesome!