Jun 11, 2010

Project 03: Fight Scene

So, finally here it is. My plan for a fight scene. It's been disturbing me for the last few days and I couldn't take it anymore. So here it is, the plan to create a fight scene.

Idea 03: Hectic Fight Scene
Date Conceived: 11/06/2010

I'm still deciding whether or not to make this a basic fight or include light sabers. The main issue with the latter is that it'll add a full day of post-processing to the final product as I add sound effects and the actual sabers. Anyway, as I continue my planning phase, I'll decide.

So for now I'm just going through the choreography. For this idea, timing is essential. I'm sure I can get this right since it isn't the first time I'm doing this, but I'm looking to pull a few Bleach stunts... you know, the one the guy blinks for a split-second too long and finds the enemy is behind him, and the enemy goes like "Too slow!" A swish!
So it begins. Keep an eye here to see the workflow, and every little bugger I'll go through in the process.

What I'll need for this!?
1. Weapons. I'm using some old sawed-off golf-sticks. Good grip and can pass off as a sword (at least for a split-second before one realizes it doesn't have a sharp edge).

2. A tripod. I'll need a stable shot if I'm going to add any effects. I can add some shake later in After Effects.

3. A proper camera. Phones aren't allowed this time. We need smooth 30fps, though in standard format (720x480).

4. Camera man. Someone to man the camera, obviously I'll take my good buddy from MgO, and his camera as well. :-D

So here we go!!

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