Jun 8, 2010

Work in Progress

So, we've started our video projects.
Teaming up with MgO Productions, Feel the Void has started producing the videos. We have 3 so far and 3 in the works. Actually, there's always one more in the works every day, but working with people schedules makes things difficult. Anyway, there's a trailer, a stop-motion, some ridiculous and funny videos, a fight and a movie. The ridiculous and funny videos come out once a day, pretty much, but we have a schedule for releasing them when we start making ourselves public.

It's fun working with all the friends to make these creations. The creative, the funny and the downright randomness that we all have really helps us push things along and develop ideas into proper creations.

So watch this space, ladies and gentlemen. Soon we'll be rolling out the red carpet for our premier and don't miss out as we may decide to release a DVD with our content.



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