Jul 7, 2010

Battle of the Bands - Rebirth

So we went for the Battle of the Bands event yesterday at Choices. 300 entrance. it was POLITE! 11 bands killing the crowd like madness! It's quite inspiring to see the Kenyan bands rocking out like that. To be honest, before Worlds Collide a few months ago I never thought these bands existed. They were only 4 at Worlds Collide but the 11 this time around was... awesome!!

I took the opportunity to get "Feel the Void" out in the public. But there was one blunder we made: we didn't have our business cards out yet.
It would've been so much easier, and I couldn't help but feel that some guys were looking at us as though we were just another group of guys with cameras, and in such a loud environment it's hard to start explaining exactly what it is about us that makes us different, and worst of all, why it'd be worth calling us over.

On a cooler note, I met another really cool Photoshop guy at the event through a friend. Didn't have a card either but I managed to get his address from him, and wow! His work is very cool, and he's right here in our town. Usually I feel a bit safer coz the artwork I see online if from people on the other side of the world, but it's somewhat intimidating. Anyway, we're not gonna be competing coz "Frozen in Time" images is looking to recruit people and get some affiliations. Of course, I wouldn't mind.

That was a night well spent! Though now I feel like today is Sunday what with the slight hangover from jumping around and screaming.

Worth it though :-P

Cheers people!

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