Jul 12, 2010

Facebook Page & BotB

Hey y'all!
So we finally have our Facebook page and we've started uploading stuff, starting with the Showdown vid in the previous post. Check it out here!

We, as Feel the Void, were at Battle of the Bands-Rebirth on 04 July, Sunday last week, at Choices. Wow, it was an awesome event. Although we all wished it could've been held at the basement since there was so many people, we still had a lot of fun. Shuria was covering the photography aspect this time around and I was doing the videos (somewhat), though when the Famous Grouse checked in and Rock of Ages played I couldn't help but hand over the camera to my co-camera guy and go jump around and rock out in the mash-pit with the other hectic Kenyan fans.
It's very jazzing and inspiring to see how much rock actually hits in Kenya. To be honest, at first I figured it was only the rich kids from rich schools that could afford studios and equipment that could pull this off, people I would only hear of and probably never get to meet. At Worlds Collide a few months ago we met... 5 bands it was... and I was amazed by not only the fact that there were actually black, proper Kenyan people (not dudes from America or anything with crazy accents).
It's too inspiring. Just because of where we come from is not a good enough reason to assume that we are not capable of anything. At Battle of the Bands almost 11 bands were rocking out and I must say they were all very good at what they were doing! You'd be amazed by how big the fanbase is. Over 200 people were on the scene.. but it also gets me thinking...

As amazing as our people are, as long as they've been doing it, they've not been getting as much publicity and popularity as we would naturally expect from people with such talent. In Oath, Last Year's Tragedy, Rock of Ages, Seismic, Doveslimme... there's tons of really good guys but I probably wouldn't have known about them had I not known one of the band players. Still, they deserve to be recognized, and I feel we should be the ones to give it to them. Not only as Feel the Void, but also as friends and as true fans.
Give it a try. Attend one of the events. I'm sure you won't regret it!
(Next rock event is set for end of this month, I'll post up something on it when I get details)

If you're yet to hear their jams, here's part of In Oath's performance at Battle of the Bands (I covered it :-D)

Cool! Here's Last Year's Tragedy from a previous event (long before we met them)

Awesomeness! Stay tuned for more on the somewhat underground rock scene here in our very own Nairobi!

Thanx 4 reading and/or watching!


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