Jul 16, 2010

Hot Mayo Productions comeback!

It was underground until the release of the first album, then it was shut down... for a while.
If you haven't heard some of my jams are on SoundCloud, see them here.

It's been almost 2 years since I did it, and now I wanna come back.

See, not so recently we made a music video for Speedy G's song "Second Half", I was co-directing with my boy Kip from MgO. I had met that guy that very day and here's what we did:

I worked on the beginning sequence in the parking lot. I did some of the shooting and well we had lots of fun, though I must say it could've been a lot better quality-wise.

So I thought to myself, to improve my skills how about I just make a video for myself. Not for anyone, just as a test. At first I thought of taking a song and just rapping to it. Candidates were "Never Forget Pluto" by CYNE or "Electric Relaxation" by A Tribe Called Quest.
Then I remembered my history with FL Studio and Hot Mayo Productions...

Now, after releasing a short spoof video, a stop-motion and a concert recording, it's time to get working on a music video. But first, we'll need the song. Luckily, I had about 10 songs that I was meant to add vocals to but didn't get around to it. They're okay, some are awesome, but I'm getting to fine tuning them. Now to write the lyrics, record, and get working on the video. Of course, the song will be released BEFORE the video to get the hype up so we can get people to be in the video (the more, the better)

I hope this project won't get trashed like most of the ones we've had. Oh well, wish us luck!

Thanx for reading!

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