Jul 7, 2010

iPhone 4 Reception Blunder

If you're a regular browser like me, you should've by now seen how much people are hating on Apple and Steve Jobs over the reception issues with the iPhone 4.
In case you don't know, the recently released iPhone 4 experiences reception issues when you hold it with your left hand and touch the bottom-left corner on the edge of the phone. This is coz the metallic piece surrounding the phone is used as the antennae and there's a small gap here that when you bridge the connection with your hand, it causes reception issues.

It's all over the web. Especially if you're on Google's RSS client Google Reader you'll see a lot of this on the Explore/Recommended Items. Haha

Then now that Steve Jobs is, apparently, being sued because of these issues, more people have finally gotten the chance to rip on him and Apple for all the years that they've wanted to. Here are some interesting things I found on it:

Seen on GeekyGadgets

Seen on Funnyassblog

It goes on and on, and probably will for the next few weeks until we move on to something else...

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