Jul 19, 2010


The world is an awesome place, it really is... especially Kenya. There's tons of creative people out there, TONS!! Seriously, I've seen people pull some really crazy work that I couldn't even start wondering how it was pulled off. There's pros at illustration, there's animators, there are really cool filmmakers and writers, there are really awesome poets and story-tellers, great singers and really admirable rappers.
Perhaps the one problem everyone seems to miss is exposure. I got some exposure but it really took some time to get to where I am, though this place I'm at isn't really ALL that, though I must say I'm progressing nicely. But there's others I've seen do some really great work on Photoshop but either aren't posting it up in the right places or are just keeping it to themselves as a small hobby-type thing. Those who are looking for exposure suffer from the not-so-nice fact that everything will stay within your circle of friends and only slightly reach out beyond that (which is what I'm going through)

To get your dream in the multimedia / entertainment sectors, anyone can tell you that it's all about the audience and exposure. It'll take an audience to bring you up if you're planning on going big, or just planning to get the every now and then gig.

Having said that, I would like to introduce an idea I came up with last night while suffering from insomnia:

If you're a big fan, I'm sure you've seen TED where people give all these inspirational ideas they've had. Well, I'm not making something exactly like that, but I'd really like showcase to be a chance for people to see what others are capable of. The entertainment industry in Kenya really needs a big boost, and I'm really hoping that Showcase will help give people the exposure they deserve!!

Lemme know what you think. If I should go into a pilot program, I'd like to have some people to display their work and go through the in-the-making 'showcase' program, so if you have some work you'd like to display to people, holla or drop a comment below and I'll holla back when showcase is up and running.

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