Jul 14, 2010

Stop Motion 2

Hey y'all!
So we released our first stop motion (starring me :-S) on Facebook.
Yesterday (at about 4) I found a sort of Indiana Jones-type doll that had great potential, and I decided to make a stop-motion for it. Shuria was too tired to work so I got his brother to help me out. About an hour of shooting later, we had done the whole scene but even we knew that that was way too short, and it was, the frames are far apart and very jumpy. Anyway, I came home and working at 4 frames per second I threw in the photos using After Effects.
Thanks to the few photos we took and the framerate, it's super choppy, like one second he's here, the next he's jumped to the second step. Usually phone videos are about 15 frames while proper videos are between 25 and 30 and sometimes 60 frames per second.
I shortly added the sounds for everyone, now that I was back home and had lots of psyche I decided to take advantage. I knew that if I left it I wouldn't come back. I used my laptop's microphone which offered two major problems:
1. My room isn't very recording friendly. There's some noise in the background.
2. Thanks to a full hard-drive that's always working, my fan is always on, so you can hear it in the background (sometimes you can here it even speeding up and getting louder). The parts in the video where two audio clips overlap makes this noise even louder :-S

At least now I've learnt that adding sounds will be an issue in the future. But anyway, it's something like a test since it's MY first stop motion.
Anyway, the voices are done, it's just to add the sound effects now. Check out the promotional poster:
Wa, people are in for a let-down... wait what?

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