Aug 7, 2010

Battle of the Bands (Episode 2)

Yes, we had mad fun at the last Battle of the Bands "Rebirth" on 4th July, and today is the next installment when the winners of the bands battle it out for the next stage, it's Battle of the Bands "Black Parade".
It's the anniversary of the bomb blast attack in 1998, and the rockers are going to be leaving their mark on the wall of the bomb blast site (damn, I can't remember the building's name), then a long parade all the way to Choices, Baricho Road, where the battle continues.

I'm really psyched for this one. Especially since UETA is playing and they have quite a reputation. And especially Murfy's Flaw after their deadly performance at "Rock vs Benga" at Zen Garden last weekend!
Wow, this is really gonna be great! I can't believe how psyched I am, or how awesome these events usually are. Woooow!!!!

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