Aug 16, 2010

Photoshop Basix

Yea yea, I know, I'm trying out the whole "Title Images" thing. It's not too bad though it'll mean I should get rid of the title... but then that'd mean you wouldn't be able to see it in the archives or read a separated "Read More" post... oh well!

Anyway, moving on!

I remember when I was starting out in Photoshop, it was hella difficult finding the basics, somewhere they'd explain how to add layers, how to use the pen tool and just how to do the basic stuff. Everything was something complex (to a beginner) like how to add a vintage effect, how to color an object, how to mash up pictures for a manipulation, using gradient maps...
I got the same problem from people who just got a version of Photoshop and wanted to start using it and they'd fall to me to explain to them how it works, how to do stuff and so on. It's hard to teach someone the basics when they are always asking "Ok ok the brush tool is cool, but how did you do the pic with the many faces in one?" And that'd mean explaining "Place", Maps, filters, adjustments, just to pull off one thing and that's a horrible way to start.

So I've been pondering, what if I wrote a "Photoshop Basics" book... something short quickly explaining how Photoshop works and how to effectively use it... explaining what to do and what not to do and good practices like non-destructive editing... Well, it'll be based on roughly the same process I used when learning and also feature lots of vague areas where I'll need the reader to experiment and figure out what would work best...


Well, here's the chapters I was thinking of implementing:
  1. Introduction to the layout and pallets
  2. Opening, Creating and Saving Documents
  3. Layers
  4. Brush Tool, Eraser Tool, Text Tool and Shape Tool
  5. Placing and editing images
  6. Gradient Tool and Blending Modes
  7. Filters, Adjustments and Layer Styles
  8. Grouping Layers, Adjustment Layers and Solid Fills/Gradient Fills
  9. Selection Tools (lassos, marquee)
  10. Quick Masks and Layer Masks
  11. Pen Tool
  12. Clone Stamp
I don't intend on covering EVERY SINGLE THING. I'd like to leave stuff like magic wand and burn/dodge tools to the reader. This list is up for amendment, I'm thinking of adding/removing some of the items from this list, it's not final. Anyway, if you have an idea or if you'd like to contribute to the book, please drop a comment or send me a message (I think people would trust a book more if it was a collaboration of various artists doing it).




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  3. Thanks Jakarta! Anyone looking forward to this book??... anyone...?