Sep 2, 2010

Got Her Back

If I hadn't mentioned before (though I did on my Flickr), my laptop's been having a static problem. Every surface of it was covered in static and it was very uncomfortable using it, and it made my hands go numb over extended use and my touchpad would heat up wherever I touched it.
Basically, it was unusable.

I took it to the repair guy near my house 2 days ago, he's a great and quick working guy and pretty much repairs anything. He's fixed my messed up earphones, speakers, my external powered harddrive that had a problem with the power supply, electric guitar.. now my laptop is added to that list.

So anyway, I finally got my laptop back. The static problem is gone and, since I've been a loyal customer, he did it for free :-D


My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6000

Processor: AMD Turion64 2.2GHz
Graphix:    Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS (256MB)
Memory:    3GB
HDD:        160GB 5400RPM
Screen:      15' 1280x800

+Microsoft Wireless 3D Optical Mouse
+WD My Passport 1TB External

Perhaps out of all it's good specs, it's got a HDMI port which lets me use our flat-screen as a 1920x1080 display which is awesome for heavy video editing!

So, what computer do YOU use??

It's good to have her back!

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