Oct 5, 2010

Experimental Week - Adjustments Day 2

So it's Day 2 of Experimental Week. I had some fun with Gradient Map yesterday!

Today was going to be Levels and Curves but unfortunately I'm relatively busy today, so I won't get time to Photoshop except perhaps in the evening, so I decided to make today adjustments that aren't so complex (in case I'll be too tired later): Threshold and Posterize!

If you've seen my Flickr Photostream, I've worked a lot with threshold before. In fact I used it yesterday with my KICC image to give the colors their sectors. In fact, I'll post up a tutorial on that, it's a great technique. Here's another I used Threshold on a while back for the SiB collection:

I also have a few ideas to use with Threshold and since I've never used Posterize because I found it very limiting, but today I shall see once and for a while exactly what I can achieve with it.

Anyway, have a good day, people! Some work will be up here sooner than later

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