Oct 4, 2010

Experimental Week - Adjustments

So, I've decided to dedicate this week to experimentation in Photoshop. What I'm doing this week is Adjustments.

I always used Levels and Curves and Gradient Map, but I've never really delved deeper into it's controls. I recently did a tutorial on how to create a vintage effect and the guy only used the Curves adjustment! No fancy tricks, just messing around with the graph and achieving something awesome.
I also messed around with curves once and ended up with some cool images while playing with the Red channel, so the question came up: What else don't I know about adjustments?

So I've dedicated this week to messing around with various adjustments in various types of images: dark, light, varied, designs, brushes... and also tweaking some adjustments in any Action (in my set in the Actions pallet) that may use adjustments.
Basically, I'm going NUTS!!

Starting today, I'm gonna work with my most favorite adjustment: GRADIENT MAP!! :-D

If you saw that coming +10 points to you!

Off I go then, and here's (already) the first result:

From my Flickr.

And this as well:

If you've read my Gradient Map tutorial, you'd know that I usually map the brightness of the color stops to their location on the gradient, so I get a uniform brightness in those areas. This time around I decided to mess around with those brightness values. Here, I was a bit conservative as I increased the brightness of the first blue-ish stop to something that makes the image look weirdly over-exposed. It's pretty cool! :-D

More to come!

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