Oct 26, 2010

Kenyan ISPs - How You Let Us Down

So yes, it's been a week since my last post and I'm kinda feeling like I'm letting my good people down... well, a thousand apologies:

It's with good reason though... if you've been reading my Flickr photo descriptions, you'd know that a lot of the time I'm facing issues with internet connections. In fact, I'm typing this out in a cyber cafe :-S Which is something I promised myself I wouldn't do but here I am...

If you've been keeping track of technology you'd know that a few months ago they promised that with the arrival of fibre optics, internet would become much cheaper and faster. Just look what they said about West Africa.
It's depressing how as much as we've been promised some really reliable and fast internet, our ISPs have come around and said "Hang on a moment, faster internet... they should PAY MORE!"
Which is sad, because we had that the fibres would make things much faster than satellite and be much cheaper... but contrary to that we're facing faster internet at higher prices.
And to make things worse, some are now charging by content, or rather per MB, which in this day is the most crap I've ever heard. Why?


1. Paying by how much you use only works on platforms where not much bandwidth or downloading is going on. Like on mobile phones (at least) or back in the old days when the web was still young and transferring of data only occured when you clicked "Play" or "Go" or "Continue" or whatever button. Today, your current page is transferring data (very small but over time it starts to count), and let's not forget that every OS and software out there is no longer taking such connections into consideration, and now we have Windows Update which silently and secretly downloads the latest updates which can be over 100MB in size! Let's not forget that our browsers like Firefox check for updates frequently, including updates for extensions, and when an update is found it downloads (which tends to be at least 10 MB in size)... Of course, you can turn all this off, but to the user who's not very good with computers.... it's a wonder where all those MBs are going.

2. It's just unfair! When working with fast internet, you always end up remembering stuff you wanted to watch, or stuff you wanted to check out. When working per MB, watching videos is MURDER! You're on Youtube for 10min and the next thing you know, you're disconnected! That's messed up! Not only do we have to worry about what sites we're visiting and what we're downloading, we also have to avoid watching videos and - come to think of it - flash content. Newgrounds is a site you'd never visit if you're paying per MB, because a descent game/movie is about 5-7MB in size.

Also, these same people have started to offer various packages such as "Fast Internet" 5,000 per month, "Internet Plus" 10,000 per month, "Super-Fast Internet" 16,000 per month.


Okay, before my comment section gets something about being biased, I'd like to point out that indeed there are companies that offer unlimited internet, but also I'd like to point out that in spite of getting fiber optics, their prices are pretty much still the same since back then....

...unless I'm the one mistaking the saying of "cheaper internet" that is not directed to the individual but rather to the companies and corporations... then this post is pretty much rendered void (except for points 1 and 2 above, their totally valid regardless)

Anyway, that's a big rant on my side. Let out some steam!

On other news, check out my Flickr profile (http://www.flickr.com/ photos/davdalx/) some cool stuff to be seen there.


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