Oct 3, 2010

Photography Info - Link

What the heck is aperture?
How do I get me some Depth of Field?
How does a camera's sensor work and how is it constructed?

If you've recently started photography (especially all you self-taught people out there) and you've started delving into bridge cameras or dSLRs, you will (if you haven't already) find yourself asking such questions.

Photography has lots of terminology and strangely confusing stuff. I was recently messing around on a dSLR and I was trying on my own to figure out exactly what aperture is. So off I went, set the bugga to Aperture Priority ("Av" or "A" depending on your camera), and started messing around. All I understood was that the Aperture pretty much just set the shutter speed for me... which didn't really make sense... then I went on to think that why would I have such a feature if there was already Shutter Priority. So off I went to Google and Wikipedia and all the photography sources I knew. Eventually, after much reading, I finally learned exactly what it was, and that it actually affected Depth of Field!

Example from Flickr

Depth of Field, btw, is that effect you get where the subject is in focus and everything in the background is out of focus.

Anyway, I found a great source for all that information! It's got a simple layout but tons of information, and it'll save you a few wasted days of experimentation (at least it would have for me.)

Check out Cambridge in Colour!

Oh yea, btw I've decided that when I'm giving out a link, I'm going to give the URL as above (unless it's REALLY LONG)!


Well, if I was to type something like "Click HERE", then you'd go to that site, see what you need to see and leave, and later (this is the part that matters) you'll wonder "what was that address again? Was it a .com or .org?"
Well, basically what's happening is that I'm making it easier to remember the address to that place, because for all you know if it was CLICK HERE you would've ended up at www.cambridge-in-color.net and 3 days later you'd forget... well there's Google but still...

Also, I've noticed the tendency of someone pulling something like this:

Check out the very awesome Ideas to Creations site HERE!

Yes, the link actually sends you to Google Japan! Anyway, it also facilitates to my laziness coz adding the whole link-to-text thing can (on bad days) feel like such a long process!

Anyway, check out Cambridge in Colour and comment below on how I just saved your life.... lol no really, have fun!!

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