Nov 17, 2010

New Buttons

... or rather image links, since there's no roll-over animation...
I added some new links to the top just below the I2C logo. They'll link you to my Twitter, the Feel the Void page and the Inspiration tag on my Delicious to really psyche you guys up. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

I created the images in Photoshop (using rounded rectangle and some layer masks and text and images) and saved as PNG to save the transparency, then for the coding here's how it works, as per the overnight lessons I took on basic HTML on w3schools:

< a href="http://targetlink" target="_blank">< img src = "http://imagelink" title="string" alt="string />
 Basically, the href= is where you put the target of the link, target="_blank" makes it open in a new tab. Then img src is the link of the image to be used, title is what shows as a tooltip when the user holds the mous over the link, alt is what would replace the image if it doesn't load.  End with

Happy linking!

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