Nov 19, 2010

Renew! Renew!

It's been a long time going on Photoshop! 3 years, I think it's been, and I've had lots of fun!

I've gone through many serial experiments: colorize.stylize.hypnotize then moved forward to the newer age: Seeing is Believing, 255RGB
, Forgery, Manipulation, SiB (Seeing is Believing 2), intensify, [color_me] and other small side-projects.

Seeing is Believing

Basically, my Photoshop Projects folder is getting pretty crowded... very crowded actually. And now the red gem in my palm is blinking, that time has come!

So, I'm thinking of renewing my Photoshop experience. I'll move all my old folders into my external HDD, or another location on my computer, and begin a whole new Photoshop Projects folder, which will include my new Type & Minimalism series, cmyk, Feel the Void and more series to come in the future.

Expect new stuff, new styles and lots more experimentation in this new venture into Photoshop.

See you soon.

(btw, the title is a pun on Logan's Run)

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