Nov 18, 2010

System Maintenance

So I'm rocking a HP Pavilion laptop. Nothing too fancy (it was when I bought it) but it rocks 3GB of RAM, a pretty good graphics card and an AMD processor...and Windows 7...

But gosh-darn-it! This dang thing keeps on overheating and if you own one of these I'm sure you suffer the same problem. Heck, even just rocking Firefox or watching a movie this thing would burn! So I took the time to go online and try hunt down a solution for my problem.

So with some of my experience on comps, I figured it had something to do with lack of memory, so I ran my usual stuff: Disk Cleanup, deleting pointless files I don't need anymore (especially footage that I used to use for After Effects), then remove unwanted programs and applications, chkdsk on Command Prompt then finally Disk Defragmentation.

I found this interesting one on addictivetips.
Very interesting stuff (though read the ENTIRE post before actually trying any of the suggestions). Alternatively there's these software that help out with tweaking and optimization. I got myself Windows 7 Manager (found it online somewhere) and it helped. Cleanup Registry and defrag it, delete pointless files like empty folders and thumbs.db in folders you don't visit anymore. There's lots of stuff to do and these guys really help out.

If you know any other cool system maintenance applications and ways to help out your app, drop a comment below!

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