Nov 18, 2010


I've been doing tons of experimentation on After Effects in the last few weeks. Photoshop hasn't seen as much as me now that it has to share time with AE, but hey they're also working together so it's a great way to work.

So, as per experimentation goes, I've really been messing around and to sort of help me build my techniques and such I'll be uploading my experimental videos for you to comment and give me your feedback. Be it possible improvements, ideas to make it look better and so on.

Hey, you might even get a chance to see future videos in the making :-D Also, I think I'll throw in some quick tips near the end for something I learned during the process that could help you out a bit. If you liked and follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed StopMotion test (the one I'm messing around in my bedroom with my laptop) or Gun test (me again :-D), then you get the basic idea of how (test_reel) works. But this time, we want to make it proper and add some zing to it.
There are no real rules to the work, but we'll be going all out on these to ensure that our final products are... well... as professional as possible!

The videos will be uploaded either on Youtube (via my deathzaccent profile) or on Facebook (either as a link to the Youtube video or on videos tab. Really depends on my Internet connection).

Stay tuned for much much more!
Thanks for reading.

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