Dec 21, 2010

About 53

So you're wondering what 53 is all about. Well, this post should sort out any concerns.
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To put it as simply as possible, 2011 will have 53 weeks, and of those 53 weeks we'll be making 1 production in the field that we work in.
So for my case, that would be a photograph, a Photoshop creation, a video, an After Effects preset, an animation, a 3D experiment. For you, it's whatever you want it to be!

Wait, wait, wait! I already do at least 1 production a week! So is there really a point?
Well... yes!
See I also fall into that group. So what I'll be doing, rather than pulling the usual stuff, I'll delve deeper into experimentation and produce something out of my comfort zone, something I've never done before or a style I've been curious about.
Basically, most of the works I'll be submitting for 53 will be from heavy experimentation (so most of them won't be so "show-worthy"
Aside from that you could dedicate your work to a specific style that you appreciate or have never done before and would like to use 53 as a platform to build upon it. Say you were learning using Photoshop in 2011, you can use 53 as your platform to not only show what you're learning but also to show your growth and get advice from various artists on how to improve and so on.

What if I don't want to experiment?
Well then, do what you gotta do, do what you wanna do. 53 is not a restricted project, it's free for all and you can do whatever the hell you want.

Okay, so how do I submit for 53?
It's simpler than you think.
First off, create what you're creating.
Photography and design people can watermark their work at the bottom corner with a "53" stylized as they like.
Video/Music people can throw in a 53 somewhere in the title, as a quick mention in the intro/outro! Video guys can throw in their own stylized version into the intro logos or outro.
Literature/poetry people can add it as part of the end sign-off like:

...then she died a horrible death, perhaps one not deserving of either her character or her actions, but in a world as dark as that she had lived in it was only expected.

David Alex
 or something, I dunno.

Perhaps this would be the best part: the 53 is NOT mandatory. Do what you wanna do, but no one's saying it HAS to be there.

Oh darn! I missed a few productions / I started late! Can I still join/continue?
Hey, I'm sure I've clarified that this isn't a strict thing. You could join at week 20, we don't really care. As long as you have something to give, go ahead and give it.
If you've missed a week, no prob. You could upload 2 pieces on the next week to recover or you could just skip the whole week and carry on (though I'll expect either a decent apology or a really good piece on the next one).

What else is happening?
Over the year, there's gonna be various periods dedicated to various influential artists. For example, February could be dedicated to Pablo Picasso and so we can call February the "Blue Period" and do blue artwork as he did. The possibilities are endless and it's gonna be really fun!

What's in it for me?
There's not much I can promise.
One thing for sure is that it's going to be hella fun!
Secondly, it's a great way to get to improve your style and learn new styles of work.
What's more, it's a great way to showcase your work and capabilities, plus also get constructive critique from not only viewers, but also others who work in the same field as you. Say you produce a song, and although fans say "THAT'S AWESOME", perhaps another music producer might say "This is great, however the bass is killing of the piano at certain points. You can fix this by..."

If you're still thinking about it, stop by soon to see what's going on...

If you're joining, welcome to 53!

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Stay tuned to this blog for more info on 53.
The project is currently based on Facebook, but I'm working on getting it moved elsewhere. Stay tuned for more information.

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