Dec 6, 2010

Experimental Week - Mask and Blend

So it's December. Aren't we psyched about Christmas!? Well actually, not so much, it's been a weird start to the month so... we'll see how it goes.

To start off the month, I'm getting into Experimental Week again. No foolin', this time I'm really gonna do it.
So the theme this week is Masking and Blending.

I haven't masked or cut stuff out in ages. I did a tutorial with Black Oktober a while ago and he did some crazy masking to blur out a background, and I felt bad and figured I could do that this week... also, I wanna mess around with the Blend If sliders in the Layer Styles window.

I had known about them but only used them with Solid Color layers... now I want to mess with Adjustment Layers and the Blend If options to see what crazy stuff I can pull off and at the same time try out a new style this whole week. So I'm off the design-from-scratch basis and moving back to photography!

See you soon!

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