Dec 6, 2010

Photoshop Basics - Who Wants In?

Hey guys!
So I've started working on the Photoshop Basics that I've been talking about for what must feel like forever now.
Anyway, I've decided to get some of the Photoshop users I know from all over and, with their help, we're going to create some Photoshop tutorials on the very basics! From how to create a new document to applying layer styles, cutting people out of photos to using filters and adjustments.
The plan's been laid out and I'm now recruiting anyone and everyone who could contribute to the project.

I have compiled a list of the lessons that need to be done (over 20 things) over the course of the project. Not that there'll be 20 lessons coz we can mash two things together into one lesson (like selection tools and masks). I'll be taking international people as well (you don't have to be in Kenya, just screen recording software (which I can provide)).

So, if you're willing to help out (even the least bit) please drop a comment below or holla at me on Twitter.


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