Mar 8, 2011

Color Correction

Hey people!
So I've been watching local dramas and music videos lately and I couldn't help but notice how no one seems to take the time to do color correction these days.
It's sad, really! The contrast, the colors, they could all use some tweaking, especially when exporting from tape (so I believe, am I wrong?)

So, I've delved into color correction and would like to become as close to a professional Colorist as possible. I recently showed my work to some lecturers and they all seemed to agree that the Deathmatch video has 'some very well done color correction.'
Can you spell psyche??
I got out and shot some stocks and started working on them in Premiere, but I eventually realized I wanted to add some elements so I exported the footage into AE (In the timeline, Right-click > Replace with After Effects Composition...).
Here they are::

This one is a before/after::

I've done a lot of color correcting in Photoshop, but I noticed the other day that both applications have LOTS of tools for color correction. I knew they were there, but to be honest I only bothered to learn and use Levels, Curves and Hue/Saturation and low-opacity Gradient Map.
According to a bunch of tutorials I watched a while ago, I saw that there's Brightness/Contrast (which I always found useless), Channel Mixer, Color Balance, Selective Color, Gamma/Pedestal/Gain (AE), Shadows/Highlights... seriously, there's lots of them.

I'd suggest all y'all interested in Color Correction, head over and shoot or get some stock footage and get to work in the Effect > Color Correction  and Image > Adjustments menus! It's gonna be worth it.

So, what's you're preferred Color Correction tool? What process do you use?
Drop a comment below and share. Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for giving great idea about color correction........