Mar 11, 2011

Ideas to Creations on Facebook (and other news)

Hey guys!
Ideas to Creations is now on Facebook. Like the fan page and get updates on new posts, new tutorials and new videos.
Post any questions, suggestions and even compliments on the wall, it'll be really appreciated!

Also, don't forget to also check out Feel the Void as well!
What are you waiting for? Click LIKE already!!

In other news::

  • I'm making some changes to the links at the top/bottom of the page. The site won't go down or anything, but I'd like to hear suggestions on what to add at the top/bottom considering web etiquette. 
  • I'm bringing back the title images for the blog, just to brighten things up. Also, I'm working on getting some video tutorials and vlog posts up. I finally got a full-time HD camera (while I wait for my video-capable DSLR) and my internet has become a bit better so stay tuned. Big plans for i2c!

If you have any suggestions on how the blog can be improved, drop a comment below, or (better yet) on the Facebook page :-D

Thanks everyone!

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