Apr 20, 2011

One Continuous Shot

Hey guys!

Recently, deStorm posted a video he did with Tom Antos' crew while he was in Toronto, Canada.
The video picks on various famous movies and references them within various 'scenes', though the whole thing is done in one shot. Here's the embedded version, or check it out on Youtube

Check it out on Youtube for full details and links, and also check out the Behind the Scenes
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If you've never seen any of deStorm's work, you're really missing out. He produces music and raps to them, and on Youtube creates music videos for the songs using themes that are suggested by viewers in the comments of the previous video. He's very talented music-wise, and also in video production since you'll find he'll use post-processing to make his videos even cooler.
He's done some really cool videos like singing while skydiving, a very nice one involving a keyboard that I love, and lots lots more. Check out his channel!!

One of the things that amazed me about the video above is that it was ALL done in one continuous shot! No cuts, just lots of co-ordination. It's like the Old Spice adverts they reference, which are adverts that are shot continuously and involve lots of background changes, props and quite a lot of trickery! Here's one of the ads:

And, my favorite:

The above has a very funny comment that's at the top of the video's page. (Lots more to see, including the new ones with Terry Crews, on the Old Spice channel)

As I said, trickery! Like the swan dive part where he slowly floats down, or how he ended up in jeans when he was in the water! It's a nightmare trying to figure it out!

That's for sure. It's obvious that something like this isn't something you can just come up with and shoot immediately.
It definitely takes lots of planning and lots of co-ordination. Not only for the actor, but also for the director and the whole crew. Notice that in the Behind the Scenes, they mention they had one person per light handling and moving them in sync. Everything had to go in sync otherwise the whole shot would go off.
Well, obviously some things are allowed to slip by, like say, some bad timing that isn't immediately visible unless the viewer knew exactly what was supposed to happen, know what I mean?

Anyway, I was also surfing the web and read about this movie called the Russian Ark (wikipedia link) which is a 96-minute long movie that was all just one continuous shot!

Image via Wikipedia

First off, big respect to the crew that managed to pull this off. That's amazing! That's crazy patience. I can only imagine what must've happened when at minute 94 someone missed their line or the boom-mic handler got tired and dropped it into the shot.
I think I'd actually shoot that person.

Anyway, I'd love to see this movie sometime.

Continuous shots have great advantages. Aside from the "aww that's so cool" factor that videos like "Famous Movies in One Take" and the Old Spice ads, there's also the feel you get from them as though you were there experiencing the moment with the actor. Like the scene in Children of Men where Clive Owen's character is running through a battlefield.

There's lots of content out there that's been done in one continuous shot. It's not an entirely new concept, but it's rarely done because of the planning required and also the cost.

Know any good links to continuous videos? Done anything yourself?
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