Apr 4, 2011

Presets Pack - Progress

Hey guys! I'm finally back home and can continue throwing some stuff at the blog!
First off, thanks for being patient.
Second, I thought I'd update everyone on the progress of the Presets Pack that I announced a few weeks ago. It'd be a great experience if I shared what I'm learning as I'm improving the presets.

The pack is going to consist (so far) of two presets: Scan and Interfere.

Scan is complete but I'm still working on the finishing touches on Interfere.

Interfere is going to be an RGB-split and distort effect. I've gotten the basic workings of it down and I'm currently working on improving on its functionality and features.
Here's an example of one of its features at work:

Pretty nice :-D

Stay tuned here for more info and an official release date on the pack.
Also, grab a 1280 x 800 wallpaper created in C4D + Photoshop (which is kinda traitorous but hey):

More info very soon! :-D
Thanks for reading!

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