May 15, 2011

Match Moving + MoDynamics = Awesome!

Hey guys!
So lately I've been learning Cinema 4D! I'm amazed by all the different things that C4D can do, especially MoDynamics and the very fun-to-use MoGraphs.
So, at some point, I thought: Why not use match-moving and Cinema to create an interesting MoDynamics animation.
The idea was born, now it was time to pull it off. And here it is!

Wow, I'm so proud.
The original footage was shot at 1440 x 1080 but later shrunk to 960 x 720 which REALLY helped with tracking. I got a hpix of 0.5! Coming from the 0.87 that I had for Holographic 4
I faced a few problems along the way, but also learnt a lot concerning match-moving and compositing.

-SynthEyes for Match Move aka 3D Track
-C4D for 3D Objects
-After Effects for Color Correction and Masking

Some screenshots: (click to view larger)

(floors colored blue for illustration)

Also, the beginning logo for the video uses Interfere, my RGB-spilt+distort animation preset ;-)
It took 3 hours to render this short clip on my laptop of:
AMD Turion64 x2 @ 2.2GHz, 3GB RAM, Nvidia 8400M GS (256MB).
Nothing really to show off about, and yes it did come pretty close to overheating!

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