Jun 22, 2011

Add Google's +1 to Blogger via AddThis

Hey people!
Google recently introduced +1, a button that gives you a +1 rating from the user who clicks it, making your article/page/post appear higher among search results.
Adding this to your site/blogger makes it very easy for people to share your stuff and if your viewers think something is relevant to what they were searching for, +1 helps others easily find it.

The easiest way to add the button to your Blogger account would be via AddThis. If you already have it, good, if not, you'd better get it ASAP. AddThis helps viewers share your articles on their preferred sites (as you can see at the very bottom of this post).
Head over to this page and add it to your blogger. Simply click on the "blogger" icon to the left and select the theme you want.

Notice also that selecting "Blogger" also changes the "Copy This Code" box to an "Install Widget" button.
You'll also notice that there's no option with "+1" on it. Which is a problem. We'll add the +1 ourselves.

Click "Install" and you'll get a popup redirecting you to Blogger's "Import Page Element" page.
Select the blog you'd like to add it to. A title won't be necessary, but you may add one for future reference.

Before you choose "Add Widget", click on the "Edit Contents" dropdown.

Now we want to scroll down and look for the code that defines the Facebook and Twitter buttons:

Cool, found it. Now we need to add this code to the area where we want the button to appear. before I give the code, note that the facebook buttons starts at a class and ends at the /a. I want to have my +1 button before the Facebook button, so simply add the code BEFORE the a class that defines the facebook button.

Here's the code:

And that's all there is to it!

Click on "Add Widget" and you're good to go.
It all depends on where you put this code.

For more tips on adding other buttons to AddThis, check out their Toolbox or the more specific, complex Client API page


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