Jun 6, 2011

Video - Mission Brief

Hello people!
In my ongoing experiments, here's a new video. It's a mission brief for "Gamma Squad" inspired by the Call of Duty 4 load screens/brief clips.

The map was gotten from Google Earth. The 'mugshots' were from a random shoot we had a while ago which had some that fit the part. Everything else was built in AE. No 3rd party plugins involved :-P

Oh and by the by, if you remember my 10 things post, I mentioned how when exporting the FLV format rocks! Well, I had an MOV (photo-JPEG) version at 81 MB and the FLV version became 7 MB! Which means 10x quicker upload time at equal quality XD

While doing this I got an idea to have "Motion GFX Challenges" with other AE users out there... thinking about it... anyone down for it? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page. Then we'll get to the awesomeness!

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