Jul 13, 2011

DISCUSS: Recommend Scripts

Hey guys, welcome to the first instance of the Discuss tag, where you contribute!
They say that there comes a point in your life when you realize the need for certain things.
We realized the need for the knowledge of expressions, and now as we grow, I think it'd be great step to pick up on scripts.

I've heard about scripts, actually only used Video Copilot's TrimCompose. I've noticed how useful scripts are and have seen around on sites like AEScript and Nitro4D that they are important.

So, what script do you use on a regular?
What scripts do you think we should get our hands on?
Have your own script that you'd like to share?

Tell us in the comment section, on Facebook, or @i2cblog on Twitter!!

For anyone wondering, scripts are little pieces of code that tell a program to do something. Probably the simplest explanation that seems to make it pointless, scripts are EXTREMELY useful! So do trivial things like removing unsused layers or chopping invisible layers, while others optimize projects, help make complex processes easier and so on.
For example, there's "Expression Timeline" which lets you create complex expressions that apply only at a certain time period before it stops, or another expression takes effect!

So people, recommend some scripts for us in the comment section below, on the Facebook page, or @i2cblog on Twitter! There will be a future post consolidating all your posts to one XD

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I think TrimCompose, Expression Timeline and KindaSorta are really good. KindaSorta is available on AEScripts.com