Jul 12, 2011

Resource: Color Scheme Assistants

Hey people!
Sometimes picking a color scheme for a project can be... difficult! You can't always have a solution, especially if a client is very specific about what they want, or looking for a color that would compliment a specific color.

Well, there's lots of solutions out there to assist in picking the correct colors using various methods.

One of the first solutions would be Adobe's Kuler, which is a great color scheme pallet inside Adobe Photoshop, though it's only available in CS4 and 5:

It usually starts off hidden, so visit Window > Kuler  or on some versions Window > Extension > Kuler

There's also a version online with it's own unique creation interface and the ability to create from images, and appears much more complex and powerful than the pallet one:

The advantage Kuler has over others is that it is also a community. You can sign in and save pallets, browse other's pallets and so on. Pretty interesting.

Another tool is Color Scheme Designer, a free to use, web application!

For selected colors, Color Scheme Designer gives a greater variety of shades via the preview box on the side. You may also preview selected colors on a generated webpage, so it's great for web designers.

Color Scheme Designer also has the ability to export to an ACO file compatible with Photoshop and various other platforms via the "Export" menu in the top-right.

Another place to check out is Colour Lovers, this one is closer to Kuler because it's more like a color scheme community that features a creation tool! Not only do they have pallets, but also patterns and articles on design. Much easier to access community than Kuler, but their picker seems to be in it's early stages, as it doesn't offer help, and it has a very different method compared to the other two above:

If you don't want all the hustle and bustle of picking colors and dragging color pickers, you could always grab some designer cheat sheets, which are images you can set as wallpaper on your desktop for quick reference and/or color picking! Some feature some very useful information, while others are pretty straight forward and only require a glance.

Want more?
There's a great page of articles on Photoshop Tuts+ so check that out!

So how do you choose your color schemes? What tools do you use?

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