Jul 22, 2011

Video - Feel the Void Ident Concept

Hey people, new video! XD
In this one I'm showing a potential ident for our videos, you know, the longer ones. I created this one in Cinema4D, created the sound in Soundbooth and merged everything in After Effects then added the sound.
YES! SOUND!! I'm sure you know how excited I am.

Here we are:

The major part of the work was done in C4D. We have a plane with a Boole attacked that's cutting out the logo, then a large 3D object of the logo to fill the gap. From there is an "Explosion" and "Explosion FX" deformers animated to blow the 3D logo to pieces... towards the camera. Happening one afer the other.
The setup. The booled plane is set to Xray so you can see everything.

With everything off, you can see the Explosion and Explosion FX regions.
The blue section is the hot spot, obviously at the O.

Also, 4 lights. 2 visible volumetric lights to give the glow spilling through and also act as backlights, one directly in front of the camera to light the objects as they fly by (producing the Bokeh-like light reflecting off the geometry), and the last one slightly off to the left as a fill light.

Rendered from a side view. See the volumetric light... yes...
This video features one of the presets from Presets Pack: Interfere, which is all After Effects was used for.

I also learnt something important about working with proxies in AE, something I've rarely used but I learnt the true importance of it while working on this, as well as adaptive resolution for rapid previewing when working in sound and other cases, and also the Pan Behind Tool! Will talk about them in a future post.

I'm also planning on uploading the original Mission Briefing video, which at first seemed like a bad idea (since it's not finished) but I realised the progress thus far is all that is required. Will have it up in a few days!

Thanks for checking this out!

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