Aug 26, 2011

Inspiration - Clones!

Hey everyone, inspiration post here!
I was going through YouTube and I got a recommended link to a video about... well, clones! I found some pretty basic stuff as well as some great ideas. In this post, I'll share them with you XD

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Also, credit goes to all the youtubers for creating these videos!
Great work, people!

Here's one that's definitely a test by nuclearspike. It shows a single girl replicated multiple times and, as the title says, they overlap, which means that there's some form of rotoscoping involved. Nothing special, but as a VFX geek, it's quite cool:

Here's creative use of cloning for a skateboarding video by elizondo666. I like how the guy says in the description that he had to figure out the process on his own!

This one is a fight test by 98lwatso, replicating the Smith vs Neo fight from the Matrix Reloaded. Though it's not exactly the best done cover of that scene, I must say the cloning work and masking was done very well, especially considering the number of angles and the scenes with the camera moves (or emulated camera moves).

Here's another video that's also very home-made done by sierkkanis, but has something very special going on: the clones interract!!
In this case, a clone hands a book to another clone, and they also share a conversation. Not as high-profile, but features a very clever way of... just watch it:

yea, you can kinda see what's happening with the book, but wait til you see how it was really done via the breakdown:

There's also Clock Blockers by CorridorDigital, a cool video that features clones in a gun fight. Their behind-the-scenes shows some very complex methods that are still effective nonetheless. Be sure to see BTS after the video:

Here's a fun tutorial by the very awesome Film Riot crew::

Cool stuff!
I'm sure there's lots more stuff out there yet to be found. So head on out and search and why not drop your finding in the comment section below?

Have you done some cloning stuff?

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