Nov 21, 2011

UPDATE: Interfere 2

INTERFERE 2, that's what!


  1. New interface! Everything's been moved and grouped, which means you can work with less clutter, and best of all, don't have to worry about using separate modules for separate effects. It's all in one now!
  2. New effect: BLUR. Using Box Blur, create a randomized blur effect that can be uniform, horizontal only or vertical only, or randomizing the direction.
  3. New effect: SYNC. Sync allows you to make all layers to interfere in sync. Make the RGB layers move together but rotate differently. Or sync their scales but have them do different distortion and blur.
  4. New control: DISTORT AMOUNT. Although you probably hadn't seen it before. You can now choose an amount for your distortion.
  5. New control: NO COLOR CODING. Don't want RGB-split and hate naming layers "WHITE", this control disables the auto-coloring effect.
There's lots more that available for use.
If you'd like to get your hands on INTERFERE 2 (all future tutorials will be based on it), download below:

INTERFERE 2 is currently only in BETA. If you would like to join the BETA and Development Team, +1 the Google+ page or comment on this update on the FB page! You will get information on how to download and help improve INTERFERE (and future presets).

What will you gain?
-Advanced notice and copies of upcoming presets, scripts and anything for that matter.
-Receive project files from tutorials and free templates.
-You will be credited in the final product!

See you soon :-D

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