Apr 17, 2012

Retro Blocky Text in AE - Quick Tip

Hey people!
In this quick tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make retro-looking blocky text in AE, as seen with the logo at the end and the "TANDEM" text in the "Intro Recreation" video on my YouTube Channel::

This technique is actually pretty simple and weirdly enough I came upon by a series of accidental clicks... seriously, and resembles the infamous Shutter Glasses that we've all come to know and hate.

Anyway, start out with a logo, or some nice fat text. I like VAL (which you can get here) 

So create some text with whatever you like...

Next, add the "Venetian Blinds" effect and set Direction to 90, Transition Completion to something fair. Depending on your font size, of course. I have a font at 293 px, so I'll have 36%:

Cool, now add the "Find Edges" effect and check "Invert"...

Mess around with the Venetian Blinds controls. Transition Completion will affect the block sizes, Width will affect their number/how wide each is and feather can widen the lines slightly.
Also, why not add some color with a 4-color gradient and a Posterize effect. Some glow maybe...

I also messed about with a "Simple Chocker" effect to try and widen the lines a bit, since the "Feather" made them quite rough around the edges.

Oh and also set the blend mode to "ADD".

Yep... I did say it was a quick tip :-P

Get the project file for CS5 here (173 kB .AEP. Requires VAL font installed) via MediaFire
Get VAL font


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