Jan 28, 2012

IDEA: Numpad Hotkeys

Hai guys!
So lately I've been practicing Matte Painting, and it's hella fun!
I have a Wacom Bamboo Craft, and if you've worked with one, you know how awesome it is!

But, it has few shortcut keys (only 4 on the side) so I end up having to have my left hand on the keyboard, on standby for Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Shift+Z and so on.
These things get tiring. Especially undoing can cause some strain on the hand. Sure, you could remap the bamboo keys, but I've already mapped them to my liking for other things like middle click, touch on/off, etc.

So I got an interesting idea...
What if I got one of these small portable numpads (below) and somehow remapped it's keys so I could map Ctrl+S to, say, 5.

Yea, probably a white/black one would look better, but you get the idea, right?

This way, I could have the small numpad right by the Bamboo (close to the 4 buttons on it) and then have my left hand on that instead, only accessing the keyboard for minor shortcuts like cutting and pasting...
Which means (oh the excitement) I'd have 20 keys to map as shortcuts (4 on the Bamboo + 16 numpad)!


What do you think? Got any ideas of how this would work? Drop a comment below!! :-D

...In the meantime, I'll be Google'ing a solution...

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