Feb 29, 2012

INSPIRATION: Tron: Destiny

Yet another video to inspire. From what I understand, the idea came from a model submitted on C4DCafe and eventually evolved to this awesome piece of work!
Enjoy! (more links after the video)

Where I found it: http://www.renderready.com (very handy C4D tutorials here)


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Feb 22, 2012

RESOURCE: Green Screen Practice Footage

Hey good people, have I got something awesome for you!

I was browing Scott Squires' blog Effects Corner, a great eye opener for working in VFX and Hollywood productions, and he shared this link to this site that offers footage for matchmoving/keying/tracking etc FOR FREE!!!

Hollywood Camera Work (http://hollywoodcamerawork.us)

So if you had a matchmoving+greenscreen idea, you can use these to test your skills and see what parts of your work need polishing.
Most of the shots are done with tricks and mistakes in order to challenge you, so it's a great experience!
You can also learn a lot from the text before downloading each clip!

There's also some very awesome tutorials on how to work with green screens and so on on the main site.
I dunno about you, but I forsee sleepless nights and awesomeness ahead!!

You're welcome :-D

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INSPIRATION: Naruto Dreamer

I somehow ended up on this video by RivenX3i (can't remember how I stumbled upon it)! It's definitely one of the most well done and exciting videos I've seen in a while, and I'm a big Naruto fan. Aside from the long dialog at the beginning (that takes up the first half of the video), this is a very cool fight scene.

What's Naruto?

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Feb 17, 2012

C4D: Blueprints and Modelling

Hello creative people!
So I have been working on my modelling in Cinema and I thought I'd share a few things, like where I got the references, and hopefully I can psyche you up to get going as well.