Apr 3, 2012

Steadicam on Near Zero Budget

Looking for a steadicam, but don't have the finances to get one?
There's lots of solutions for the indie, zero-budget filmaker. So I thought I'd share these DIY tips.
For those who don't know, steadicam is a gadget that's attached to a camera to allow for REALLY smooth shots.
It's used EVERYWHERE. Feature films, commercials and even TV shows. The camera operator can RUN and in the final shoot it'll look like a smooth dolly shot.
File:Steadicam Operator John Fry with Master Steadicam & Arri Alexa camera.jpg
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Problem? THEY'RE EXPENSIVE!!! So the indie filmmaker and home-moviemaker will most certainly need a cheap alternative!


I was hunting for steadicams and I stumbled upon this video on how to turn a standard $30 tripod into a steadicam, using only a screwdriver!
I like this one mostly because it'll let you take very low angles, something you can't achieve with standard steadicams (due to the weights and the boom for balancing).
Check it out:

FilmRiot Steadicam

FilmRiot, the awesome DIY tip guys, have an awesome technique that actually uses weights and the usual piping. Really cool:


IndieMogul is dedicated to indie filmmakers, so they couldn't possibly miss a steadicam tut, this one featuring FinalCutKing

For more, check out this search or this one

Credit to the respective video makers!

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